Cat Health Issues For Pet Owners | Microchipping, Food, Dental Care, Vaccination, Flea Treatment And Worming

cat health issues
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If you are a responsible pet owner then cat health care should be one of your top priorities. We all love our furry little feline friends and when cat health problems unexpectedly appear we need to take action and give them the best possible health care available. Whether it’s cat oral care, finding healthy cat food to maintain a healthy weight, giving them the best flea and worming treatments available or any other feline health issues, it’s important to take care of our kitties better than we take care of ourselves.

In this article we are going to discuss the most common mistakes that cat owners make and why some of these mistakes can be fatal. As a responsible cat owner, reading this article will enable you to avoid some errors that are commonly made so that you can give your cat the gift of a healthy, long life.

Cat Safety - Things That Are Toxic To Cats

A large number of pet owners do not realise that there are plants that contain cat poison. Your cat may nibble on pot plants which could induce vomiting but may also prove to be lethal such as eating a portion of a lily for example (lilies are toxic to cats). In addition,  onions, grapes, Macadamia nuts, and poinsettia are poisonous to cats. cat safety

There are also of course human medications such as Tylenol and Aspirin which are toxic to cats as well so, as with children, they should be kept out of reach. Never use human medications on your cat before checking with your veterinarian first.  Also never assume that any product that is safe for dogs is safe for cats as this could be a fatal mistake.

Another precaution is to make sure that wool, threads and ribbons are kept out of the way as they can be chewed and swallowed.  Electrical appliances where the power cord is accessible to cats should be unplugged in case they chew through the cord.

Cat Microchipping – Better Than ID Collars?

It is important to note that even cats that are homebodies can escape or be let out of the house inadvertently which could result in them running away. As cats are more prone to losing their ID collars than dogs, it is therefore of critical importance to microchip your cat.

cat microchippingThese microchips are painlessly inserted in a few seconds under the skin between the shoulder blades. The chip is then only activated when a scanner is passed over it which transmits the ID number to the scanner.

A cat tracker chip (gps microchip for cats) is an even better option. It is also important to keep your contact details regularly updated and registering your cat microchip is crucial so that you may be contacted immediately in the event of your cat being lost and found.

Healthy Cat Food – Does Urinary Cat Food For Kidney Disease Really Work?

Your feline friend should be fed a healthy diet for cats that is high in protein and not cheap food that is high in carbohydrates, as this will ultimately lead to long term health problems such as inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and kidney disease.

Avoiding inferior quality food is essential so make sure that you purchase the best healthy food for cats that you can afford that is also  healthy cat foodrecommended by your veterinarian. This may include specialized foods such as cat food for kidney disease and urinary health.

If your cat is a rescue animal that is undernourished then you should buy cat food for weight gain and the best nutritious cat food to make sure that your furry friend becomes a happy and healthy cat. Another helpful tip is to include nutritional supplements for cats such as a cat joint supplement for example.

Healthy Cat Teeth – Don’t Neglect Dental Care!

Many pet owners neglect cat dental care which can lead to cat dental problems with painful, infected teeth which can result in gum disease. This gum disease can lead to inflammation and decay and also tooth and bone loss. It can even trigger such problems as kidney disease and kidney failure in the long run.

cat teeth problemsCat teeth problems can be prevented through daily brushing of your cat’s teeth with a finger toothbrush using a meat flavoured toothpaste. Ensure that you also feed your cat good quality food which could include dental cat food and make sure that kitty has dental cat toys and cat treats that clean teeth and will remove the soft tartar build-up.

Healthy Cat Weight – Use The Right Snacks To Avoid Obesity

Use healthy cat treats to avoid obesity and just remember that it is a no-no to allow kitty to grow fat! As much as you may feel you are being kind giving in to ‘requests’ for more food, obesity can lead to similar problems with your cat as it does with human beings. healthy cat treats

One way to keep your kitty’s weight under control is by feeding her only healthy wet cat food or by starting her on a urinary diet for cats. There are also many healthy snacks for cats available.

Cat Vaccination – Don’t Delay Shots Or The FVRCP Vaccine

Pet owners, especially those who own the healthiest cat breeds, often delay cat medical veterinary visits or going to the cat pet clinic for regular check-ups. But regular cat shots are essential. These are required for your pet but often avoided due to the cat not liking to visit the vet or for financial reasons.

cat vaccinationYour cat should have yearly check-ups and receive the required vaccinations (fvrcp vaccine) even though cat or kitten vaccinations costs can often be quite high.  And don’t avoid the regular cat booster shots either.

It is also of the utmost importance to consult your veterinarian if your cat is displaying any symptoms of being unwell as it is better to err on the side of caution to prevent fatal consequences.

Cat Litter Box – Self Cleaning, Automatic Or Clumping Litter?

Your cat may avoid the litter box for the following reasons which could lead to problems of house soiling:

  • the box isn’t cleaned often enough
  • the litter is perfumed
  • it is a covered box which might make your cat feel trapped
  • it is placed in a high traffic area
  • it is placed too near the food and water bowls

Cats are clean creatures and hate dirty litter boxes.  They also mostly prefer fine-grained litter that is unperfumed in an open box.  Should you wish to use a closed box, remove the flap covering the front of the box which allows them to see out and makes them feel less like they are trapped. cat litter box

The best and most cost-effective litter to use is clumping litter which allows you to remove the litter which clumps around the urine and then replace the amount of litter removed with a little fresh litter. Throw away all litter at least once a week and wash and sterilise the litter box thoroughly before filling it with fresh litter again.

Should you have more than one cat, each cat should be given their own litter box to prevent conflict.

Neglecting Cat Spaying – What Are the Advantages Of A Neutered Feline?

Cat sterilisation and neutering not only prevents possible unwanted litters, but also helps prevent a number of health problems such as prostate problems, uterine infections, breast cancer and injuries sustained during fights.

little girl with catThe cat neutering cost can vary depending on the country or city you live in, but it is always a good idea to find a good low cost spay clinic if you are a responsible cat owner. Be sure you consult with your vet regarding the after spay cat care to keep your furry friend as comfortable as possible.

Cutting Cat Nails And Declawing – Better Than Claw Caps?

Declawing your cat is inhumane as it is a far more serious and painful procedure that may trigger behavioural problems and stress, but clipping cat nails is something that all responsible cat owners should do regularly. cutting cat nails

Cat nail trimming with good kitten nail clippers or a nail file for cats is an essential grooming duty for all pet owners. Using soft cat nail caps is another good solution if your favourite kitty is wrecking your carpets and lounge furniture.

Cat Flea Treatment - What Is The Best Flea Medicine And Wormer For Cats?

Fleas on a cat are the parasite most commonly found, however, they cause many more problems than scratching as cats who are allergic to fleas can end up with inflammation, cat skin problems and loss of fur. Kittens with a severe flea infestation can end up with anaemia and die so kitten flea treatment is also very important. 

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To make matters worse, once fleas are swallowed, they lead to tapeworms and cat gastroenteritis. So, it’s crucial to use the best cat dewormer available on a regular basis. cat flea treatment and wormer

Cats are also plagued by heartworms and should this be left untreated, this infestation can lead to irreversible damage to the heart, blood vessels and lungs as well. Discuss the appropriate cat wormer with your veterinarian to find the best heartworm treatment and other pet treatments that will be most effective in controlling these various parasites.

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We hope you enjoyed our article on cat health issues. If you love your furry feline friends as much as we do then these pet health care tips are essential to give them a long, happy and enjoyable life. Take good care of your kitty and she will love you right back!

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