Best Dog Brush And Grooming Tools For German Shepherd Shedding

Make daily German Shepherd grooming a breeze with our handy tips and Top 8 German Shepherd grooming tool reviews.
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If you love your German Shepherd and want to know how to take good care of your furry best friend then this article is definitely for you.

In this article we will be discussing some general grooming practices for the various types of German Shepherd dog breeds. We will also share some great info about the different types of coat lengths and which types of brushes you need for short fur and long fur grooming. Then we’ll discuss our recommendations for the best grooming tools and brushes for German Shepherds. And finally we’ll give some handy tips about how to reduce dog shedding and take good care of your family dog and best pet friend.

How To Take Care Of A German Shepherd

German Shepherd grooming needs to be taken seriously but it can be fun too! Knowing how to groom a German Shepherd depends a lot on whether your dog has a long coat, medium coat or short coat. For overall health it’s important to brush them daily so you can control shedding, improve blood circulation and remove excess dirt.

For bestgerman shepherd longterm results you should start grooming your German Shepherd when he’s still a pup because this will make him relaxed and comfortable when grooming him later as an adult dog. Talk to your dog in a gentle and calm voice while grooming him and you will have a happy pet that looks forward to being groomed for the rest of his life.

Our Top 8 Brushes For German Shepherds

Best Grooming Tools For German Shepherds

Your choice of German Shepherd grooming tools will depend on your dog’s coat length. Finding a German Shepherd grooming brush may often seem similar but grooming practices can also vary slightly. You should apply the following criteria when trying to find the best grooming brush for a German Shepherd:

Grooming Brush For Short Coat German Shepherds

Coats of short hair German Shepherds are easier to maintain and it depends on your preferences, but 2 or at the most 3 grooming tools should be adequate. Using an undercoat rake is mandatory for when he sheds his seasonal undercoat (also known as spring & fall blowouts). And of course a basic brush will begerman shepherd puppy required. You could also use a grooming glove or mitt instead, or both if you prefer.

A grooming mitt or glove is ideal if your dog prefers the “petting” feeling and some owners will insist that a brush does a better job, but they are equally as effective and you could use both if your dog likes it.

Medium Coat German Shepherd Grooming Tools

Whilst their coats might be slightly fluffier than their short coated cousins, the grooming tools required for medium coat German Shepherds are the same. Their extra fluff makes them cuter and slightly hairier and that demands daily use of the basic brush to reduce shedding.

Increased and profuse shedding during spring and fall will require you to use the undercoat rake regularly. And using the grooming glove or mitt for variation, while bathing him or giving your dog a little massage is always a nice addition to his grooming routine.

Best Brush For Long Haired German Shepherds

Not surprisingly, the most grooming is required for long coat German Shepherds. But with 3 or 4 essential tools you will still be able to groom your own dog and avoid paying a professional dog groomer to keep his coat healthy and clean.

german shepherd female and puppyThe dog brush for a long haired German Shepherd is no different though for daily coat maintenance, and the same goes for the alternate use of a grooming glove or mitt for dogs with sensitive bodies. Of course during spring and fall the use of the undercoat rake remains mandatory to control excessive shedding.

One additional tool is required though – the slicker brush. The slicker brush is made up of fine wire bristles that can capture excess dirt, dust and every small piece of dander in the fur of a long haired German Shepherd. The removal of this dirt results in a shiny smooth coat for your German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Shedding Tips

I question I often get asked is “do German Shepherds shed a lot?” and also “how much do German Shepherds shed?”

The answer depends on what type of German Shepherd you own and also on what time of year it is. Generally your dog will shed most in spring and fall because that’s when he will lose his undercoat. Long coat German Shepherds also tend to shed the most because they have thicker coats.german shepherd pup playing

German Shepherds shed quite heavily all year round, but they “blow” their undercoat twice a year – that’s the dense, thick fur that you’ll see under your dog’s coarse top coat.

How To Stop A German Shepherd From Shedding

Knowing how to control German Shepherd shedding can make your life as a pet owner a lot easier. Here is a good German Shepherd shedding solution:

1. Use only high quality food when you feed your dog – that means avoiding cheap dog foods that are full of grain and corn. Foods that have a high meat content are best and they are easy to absorb and digest, and will produce a healthy coat and stop dog shedding. Supplementing his diet with a few teaspoons of olive oil and give him plenty of water to keep his skin well hydrated.german shepherd swimming

2. Groom your dog properly and regularly – daily brushing with a regular brush (as mentioned above) and using a slicker brush and undercoat rake when appropriate, will remove dead fur and keep the coat shiny at all times.

3. Knowing how to reduce German Shepherd shedding by eliminating any underlying illnesses or infestations is also important. Excessive shedding can be caused by parasites like fleas and lice, fungal and bacterial skin infections, worm infestations and also food allergies. Some medications can also cause skin irritation and kidney & liver diseases should be eliminated.

German Shepherd Grooming – Best Brush For A German Shepherd

german shepherd sleepingFinding a dog grooming brush for a German Shepherd can be quite exhausting as there are so many choices available on the market. The different styles and different names can be confusing but when choosing your German Shepherd brush your first consideration should be what type of coat your dog has. Basically there are 6 dog brush types available:

1. Dog Grooming Combs.

german shepherd with ladyThe best comb for German Shepherds must be suitable for long coated dogs. It is used for smoothing long coats, removing small tangles and laying the fur in the same direction. Avoid yanking at large knots with a comb and rather use a dematting tool when tangles are found.

2. Short Hair Dog Brush & Long Hair Dog Brush

The best German Shepherd brush is always made of plastic bristles or wire metal bristles. They often come in very practical two-in-one style brushes. This essential tool for grooming and daily maintenance acts as a German Shepherd shedding brush to prevent excessive shedding and matting.

german shepherd double sided bristle and wire brushThe plastic bristles help to distribute oil over the skin and are used for removing guard hairs that are loose and cover the softer undercoat, so it’s an ideal undercoat brush for German Shepherds. The wire bristles are used to detangle parts of the undercoat because they are able to reach deeper into the layers of the coat.

3. Dog Grooming Mitts & Grooming Gloves.

dog grooming glove and dog grooming mittThese are pairs of mitts or gloves covered with small rubber nobs that brush through the undercoat and guard hairs so you can collect the excess hairs and discard them. They are a more gentle option for dogs that prefer pet grooming gloves to the harder bristles.

The gentle massage action of the gloves distributes skin oils and improves blood circulation and can used on wet fur as well, like when you are scrubbing your dog while he is enjoying getting his bath.

4. Dog Slicker Brushes.German Shepherd Slicker Brush

German Shepherd slicker brushes are ideal for long coats and have finer bristles than the basic brushes. They reach the tiny bits of dirt and keep the long coat shiny and in good condition. An added advantage is that many of them are self cleaning too and drop the fur in the trash with the press of a button.

5. Best Deshedding Tool For German Shepherds

German Shepherds shedding can be a big problem in fall and spring when they tend to shed a lot. The best deshedding brush for German Shepherds is called an undercoat rake. It has a double layer of teeth to reach the guard hairs as well as the undercoat and will remove the excess fur from both layers.german shepherd deshedding brush

Finding the best undercoat rake for German Shepherds is essential, regardless if your dog has a long coat, short coat or a medium coat. Deshedding tools are a must for your dog and the best deshedding tool for German Shepherds is the Furminator German Shepherd brush.

6. Best Dematting Tool For Dogs

Dematting Tool For DogsA dematting tool is perfect for long haired German Shepherds and can reach the guard hairs and undercoat to detangle knots easily. The sharp stainless steel teeth of the tool remove knots without causing pain and can be used to detangle medium coats and short coats as well.

Stop Dog Shedding – 8 Best Brushes For German Shepherds


German Shepherd Dog Grooming FAQ

Why is my dog shedding so much?

cute german shepherd pupSome dogs normally shed a lot, even though it may seem excessive, but sometimes health problems are to blame – like poor nutrition, stress or medical issues. If in doubt consult your vet to determine if your dog is shedding normally or if it’s a symptom of some underlying illness.

How to stop a dog from shedding?

Here are some tips to help you cope with dog shedding:

  • Daily brushing will remove excess fur and is an easy way to keep a dog from shedding and effectively reduce the amount your dog will shed daily.
  • Lots of water and moisture in his diet is another tip to stop my dog from shedding. A well hydrated pet will shed less!
  • Regular baths will remove excess fur and reduce daily shedding.
  • Vacuum your home regularly and for easy removal of dog hair from your clothing use a lint roller.

Do German Shepherds shed a lot?

german shepherd male and female dogsGerman Shepherds do shed a lot twice yearly in fall and spring when they “blow” their undercoats and then daily brushing becomes an essential part of their grooming routine. At other times during the year you might get away with brushing them only three times a week or every other day.

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How much do German Shepherds shed?

Without regular (daily) brushing German Shepherds can shed a lot and twice yearly they “blow” their undercoats which can make things worse for pet owners. Shedding can get worse if your dog is not in prime health and then you need to ask the vet to eliminate medical problems like a poor diet, stress, dehydration and skin irritation from fleas and allergies.

How to take care of a German Shepherd?

long haired german shepherdLearning how to look after a German Shepherd is easy as long as you stick to a few basic principles. Give your dog good nutrition, regular exercise, daily brushing and lots of love and attention and you will make a very good pet owner.

How to stop a German Shepherd from shedding?

Tips on how to reduce German Shepherd shedding depends a lot on how well you take care of your furry friend. Most important is a good nutritious grain free diet containing a high proportion of meat related products.

Properly dog grooming your dog will also go a long way to help control German Shepherd shedding. That means regular daily brushing to reduce coat shedding and to improve skin circulation and coat health.

How often should you brush a German Shepherd?

young german shepherd male dogDaily brushing is best but doing it 3 to 4 times weekly is the absolute minimum. This keeps shedding under control and promotes a shiny, healthy looking coat.

Which Furminator is best for a German Shepherd?

Before deciding what size furminator a German Shepherd needs it’s good to remember that they generally have coats that are shorter than two inches. So the best size dog Furminator to choose would be the large short hair dog FURminator deshedding tool or the extra large model.

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